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Having been the owner of two small businesses I have learned many techniques to make a business successful. I owned The Perfect Day Cakes for 14 years, and for two years also owned Central Park Coffee. I was running both businesses at the same time. These businesses had over a quarter million in sales, a payroll with 2 dozen employees, and an award-winning brand that was nationally known. In addition, I was in the process of opening two additional locations. All of this while being a full-time mom, wife, and active member of the community.


So, why am I a consultant in Cody, Wyoming? In my last year of business, I was in a single car accident. The injuries from this accident left me unable to continue working at such a demanding physical pace. As a result of this accident, my family had to make a hard choice. We liquidated the businesses that we had worked so hard to build. Shortly after, my husband was recruited to a new position here in Cody. We packed up and moved out West to start a new life.


I love small business and helping the community. It was great to see in Cody and the surrounding area such a vibrant community, downtown, and small-business focused local economy. It was wonderful to see so many new businesses opening, but hard to see them shut down. It was shocking talking to local business owners and hearing about how hard they were working and how difficult it can be in the “off-season”. Through observation and listening I knew I had the skills, expertise, and tools to help these business owners succeed.

Now, you can bring these skills, expertise, and tools to your business with

T and T Consulting Solutions.

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