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Every business needs help. Large corporations spend millions on consultants to come in and tell the company what they are doing wrong. Small corporations say they never have enough money to hire a consultant. 



Business Plan and Review

The ideal business plan should be short and precise. Although many companies will write the plan for you, but we know how important it is for you to write the plan yourself, so we are here to guide you in creating the business plan that is right for you and  your company. If you would like us to review your business plan we would be more than happy to. A review allows you to see potential challenges you may have when presenting the plan to investors. It can also help with any information you may have not considered when creating your plan.


Business Plans allow you to have a better understanding of your competition, your industry structures and financial requirements.


Streamlining Processes

A process is simply the method an input transforms into an output, product, or service to your consumers. All businesses have many processes, but rarely do business owners have time to review these processes to ensure they are efficiently converting the inputs such as paperwork, resources, or orders; into the correct outputs your consumers are willing to pay for. Let us help make sure your processes are efficient, effective and profitable. This includes a walk through with observation and an overview of existing documentation.


By streamlining processes your business becomes more efficient. This eliminates the different waste that ALL companies have.


Website Design

For today's consumers your website is often their primary point of contact with you and your business. Your website must reflect your businesses' mission, brand, and value proposition on every page. The design needs to maximize these messages, catch the eye, and allow for easy navigation. A well executed website is a tool that can be used to propel your business to the next level and beyond. We have access to tools, skills, and knowledge to improve your online presence across the world wide web. 


Consumers expect a customer friendly web presence from their business partners.


General Marketing

While looking at your marketing strategy we look at the seven different elements for a great marketing campaign; Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Physical Evidence and Process. Marketing pertains to all aspects of your business, whether it be releasing a new product or attending a trade show. We will go over the different types of marketing and what is best for you and your budget. We will help you categorize and maximize your target market and make sure the marketing you are doing reaches that demographic.


Newspaper, social media, radio, tradeshows are all different forms of marketing. Do you know your return of investment for your marketing campaigns?


Business Optimization

While looking at optimizing your business we measure your businesses efficiency, productivity and performance. By doing this we find ways to improve those measurements. Business optimization is a key part of managing your business as it can show you different improvement measures you can take to maximize your profit. We understand being a small business and that you don't want to throw money at problems, that's why we look at the most cost effective and highest achievable way to optimize your business.


There are several ways to optimize a business, we guide you in the most important style for your business that is also the most cost effective.

Calculate Savings

Waste Reduction

Non-value added work is work that your consumer is not willing to pay for. Do you know how much of the work you do to provide goods and services is non-value added? Non-value added work is a form of waste that costs you and your business time, money, and resources. Waste can take many forms from over-processing, wasting time, inventory waste, quality control, not utilizing the talents of your team properly, or more. Thankfully, waste can be reduced and we can help with a waste reduction walk-through and strategy.

Waste is such an American thing to do, but to be profitable you have to see where your biggest amounts of waste are coming from. 


Logo Design

The baseline for brand awareness is to create a memorable logo that represents your business. A strong logo is memorable, creative, distinctive, and reflects your businesses core values. A strong logo can communicate in micro-seconds more about your business than a sales pitch or elevator speech can. A strong logo communicates what you want customer to know about your business with a glance, and hooks them into your brand. Capturing these elements in an image can be challenging, but we can help.


Capture the essence of your brand for all your marketing.

Stressed Man

Leadership Coaching

As the owner of a business, you wear many hats. Perhaps the hardest is to transform yourself into a leader. We all have talents and expertise but being a leader is a unique set of tools, best practices, and habits. One of the most difficult tasks for a business owner to do is to transform into the leader their business needs to succeed. Thankfully good leaders are not born; they are made. We can help with a leadership evaluation and an improvement strategy including one-on-one coaching, mentoring, resources, and more.


Leadership coaching is a process that builds an individuals capability to achieve goals. Coaching is personalized to each individual.

Contract Review

Policy and Procedures

A businesses' policy and procedures help guide your employees to complete work in a way that emphasizes your brand and satisfies your consumers. Policies and Procedures are your mission statement come to life and in action on a day-to-day basis. We will review your policies and procedures to make sure they align with your brand strategy and provide enhancements, modifications, and improvements to help you deliver on your mission's business promise. 


Policies communicate the culture, values and philosophy.


Procedures provide the instructions for a specific task.


Brand Identity

Before creating your brand identity, we need to know your brand strategy. Therefore this is a multi-step process. First, we go over your strategy. Once we have created your strategy we dig deeper into what makes your brand stick out among your competition. Many people interchange the terms brand and logo. Although a logo is the symbol of the business it is not the brand. Brand identity includes logos, colors, messaging, typography, and a feel for your company. Think of it this way, what do you want the word on the street to say about your company?


It is important that your brand identity be consistent for your business, your message, your team, your marketing and your customers.


Social Media Marketing

The new frontiers of advertising and exposure is Social Media. Social Media is where businesses and customers can meet and engage in a way other advertising platforms can not match. Social Media done right can be a cost effective way to reach your target market and connect with your key demographics. Cut through the Social Media noise with a well designed and targeted approach to the customers you want by showcasing your brand, mission, and value statements in an engaging way. 


Social Media is a critical component to any marketing plan.

Flow Chart

Talent Management

As a business grows, so does its staff. One of the toughest transitions is to go from the person who does it all, to the person that helps others get it done. This involves new skill sets and processes that the business did not possess before. Managing this new talent can be a difficult period of change. We can help you put in place industry-wide best practices to manage your talent effectively to get the results you need. It doesn't matter if it is your first employee or your hundredth, we can make your Talent Management the best it can be.


A business is only as good as your weakest employee.

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